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Web Design

Did you know? In today’s competitive landscape, having a website that looks nice is simply not enough to stand out from the competition. Is your industry competitive? At Login Media, we are a Digital Marketing company and we understand this.

Get not only an aesthetically stunning website, but also one that is improved to help turn your customers into sales. Login Media Marketing, is a leading Web Design Company in Singapore. We not only ensure your website looks great, we also help your customer convert! Giving your business a significant boost and helping you move ahead in a highly competitive world.

Having much experience in website design, we believe that customers form their first impression of your company within the first few seconds, and having good design always pays off in the long run.
Apart from having great designs, we also promise proven functionalities on your website that guarantees that your customer will stay longer, and interact more with your website, helping convert your customers into sales.

Our expert programmers make use of diverse open sources as well as closed source technologies to develop not only a beautiful looking website, but one that is functional and helps funnel your customers to convert into actual sales.

By doing so, we are able to create mobile friendly, features-rich, and dynamic Web Design in Singapore which are all important factors in successful website creations.
The type of website platforms we use is the same that is widely used by many well-known companies around the world. Trusted for having high security, excellent functions, and popular designs, which are all exceptionally important when customers visit your website. After all, your website is your online shopfront.


  1. Stunning Designs
  2. Functionalities to convert your customers into sales
  3. User-Friendly experience
  4. Easy Customer Navigation
  5. Google Friendly
  6. High Security 

Great Designs & Customisation

When a customer first visits your website, capturing their attention within the first few seconds is crucial to engaging them and making them stay to read more on your website!

 Is your company known for being ‘Trustworthy’ / ‘Prestigious’ / ‘Effecient’? Did you know that within the first few seconds, customers immediately forms impressions of your company based on the design itself?

Our advantage? Being a digital marketing company, we understand your branding. We produce only the best designs, and customise them to your company’s brand.

Mobile - Responsive

In today's world, at least 70-80% of your customers will view your website using their phones! Having a website that is simply mobile-responsive is not enough!

At Login Media, we focus on helping you use your website as a tool for increasing your sales. Therefore go one step further where the market is currently at!

Every minute, people are switching to mobile and tablets from their computer from wherever they are. The team of Login Media ensures the intelligent user interface is adapted to varied screen resolutions, delivering not only wonderful experiences, but helping your customer to CONVERT into SALES!

Great User Experience

Do you know what is the most important thing that determines whether a customer stays on your website or leaves visit your competitor's website ?

Especially in today’s world, customers are increasingly bombarded. Because of this, customers have less and less attention online.
A normal website today has a bounce rate of 60% – 80%!

Therefore, this is something we consider when building websites, so we can get customers to interact with your website as much as possible!