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Out with the old, In with the new…


The Shift to Content Marketing.  

22% of performance marketers cited content marketing as the activity with the greatest commercial impact in 2016. The runner-up, Big Data, only came in at 17%. (Digital Marketing Trends for 2015, Smart Insights, Feb 2016)


Leading Content Marketing Platforms we use:


What is Content Marketing?

Ever been surfing the web, and came across similar stories that you (specifically) are interested in?
e.g. you are having recently been reading about investments, and when after finishing an investment article, you saw a “recommended / more stories / similar stories from around the web?” – also talking about investments?

If you have – that’s Content Marketing

Content marketing gives you original, good quality articles. Non ‘Spammy’, just good quality content that is automatically served to you based on the topic of articles you have been reading about.

Qn: As an Advertiser, where will your Content be Found on?

Ans: Premium Websites such as:

  • Asia One
  • Business Insider Singapore
  • Business Times
  • Channel News Asia
  • Expat Living
  • Fox Sports Asia
  • HArdwarezone.com
  • Her WorldPlus
  • Share Investor
  • Stomp
  • Straits Times
  • The Honey Combers
  • The New Paper
  • The Online Citizen
  • Today Online

(image from: (Digital Marketing Trends for 2015, Smart Insights, Feb 2016)

Some examples:

Channel New Asia.com

To find out more and how Content Marketing can help your business, Speak with one of our friendly consultants today!