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Search Engine Marketing

Having a business in Singapore but not being able to be found by your targeted clients?

Being found is only the first step! 

How to stand out from the rest of your competitors and convert the potential clients?

How are we different? 

PPC is the commonly used model by many search engines. For some industries, PPC may have increased significantly to the point where some businesses have withdrawn advertising on search engines. In addition to this, the management fee charged by digital agencies also adds pressure to business owners.

Here’s a example:

$1000 budget – 30% management fee = $700 will go to Campaigns
$1500 budget – 30% management fee = $1050 will go to Campaigns


Which Means:
The more you put in, the more digital agency earns even though the work may be the same for $1000 and $1500 budgets. Instead of putting your increased budget to improve the effectiveness of the campaign, the agencies’ cut means your increased budget also increases their earning. Therefore many businesses are wary whenever agencies asks them to increase their campaign budget.

At Login Media, our objective is to develop long-term businesses with all our clients. Our strategy of growing our business is by increasing our clientele, instead of increasing our fees. Therefore we provide fair and transparent pricings with all our clients, with Extra Value at No Charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us For A Free Consultation Now!

Perpetual Program

Going the extra miles with no extra cost & no lowering our standard of work!

Search Engine Optimisation

Facebook & Instagram

Where there are billions of users around browsing Facebook everyday, how do you make use of this social platform to target the right audience and generate leads for your business

There is also an organic way to generate viral sharing exposure, how are you planning your page’s content to allow it to happen?

At Login Media, we conduct research, matched with the best market practices to help you achieve that. All we need is to understand your marketing objectives and promotions. And leave it to us! We will do the ad copy, digital planning to come out with an Effective Strategy to help you increase ROI!

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Why Choose Us?

Successful Track Record:

Having over 400+ active clients and growing fast, Login Media Marketing has established a strong name in Singapore by using only legal & ethical methods to perform SEO, allowing us to achieve good and proven results, by ranking our clients’ websites on Page 1 in major search engines like Google.

Having performed SEO over the years and across a wide range of clientele across numerous industries, we have accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge in performing successful SEO. Over the years, we have also had much exposure to the different Google algorithm changes, and despite that, we have always prevailed and successfully achieved page 1 rankings for our clients.

100% Transparency:

Here at Login Media Marketing, we have achieved great success by treasuring long-term relationships with every single client of ours.
We provide reports every month to state the precise rankings of your keywords.

On-Page + Off Page Provided

A more technical side of things, On-Page SEO used to be sufficient to get your rankings up on Google Page 1. However, search engines like Google are constantly their systems (algorithms) in which websites are ranked. As such, Off-Page SEO is now needed to during the optimization process.
While many other SEO providers still do not offer Off-Page SEOat Login Media Marketing, Off Page SEO is the backbone of all our optimization processes.

Content is KING in SEO

In recent times, especially since the start of 2017, one of the most important factors of successful SEO is having Good Quality Content on your website.
Have your current SEO provider ever written any content on your website? Or have they asked you to provide them with content?
This is now a basic element of good SEO.

At Login Media Marketing, we have Professional Copy Writing Experts to write high-quality content relevant to your website. All already included in our SEO services!